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Making Decisions About Genetics Research

Tribal Discussion GroupThe decision guides below provide a set of interactive questions to help you reflect on your perspective regarding genetics research. 

Which Values Will Guide Us?: This guide is about deciding which values will guide your community in research. 

Should We Participate in Genetics Research?: This guide is about deciding whether or not you wish to participate in genetics research, and considerations about related issues such as the handling of biological specimens (e.g., blood, human tissue, skin cells) in genetics research studies.

Reflections on Partnering in Genetics Research: This handout has a list of questions to consider related to choosing a research partner for genetics research.

Cases of How Tribes Are Relating to Genetics Research: This paper provides a set of interactive case studies about how tribes across the US have chosen to deal with genetics research. This section also includes a discussion of potential risks and benefits of genetics research for tribes and points to consider about whether or not to participate in genetics research.

What are the Possible Benefits and Harms in Genetic Research?: These short papers were developed by Dr. William Freeman and Dr. Francine Gachupin, and discuss some potential benefits and harms of genetics research for American Indian/Alaska Native communities through hypothetical cases.

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How Do We Decide?

A Guide for American Indian/Alaska Native Communities

The interactive decision guides provide a set of interactive questions to help you reflect on your feelings regarding research. Read More